More than ever, it's time to connect NOW with your customers about the steps your company is taking during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Now is the time to reach out to your customers about the Coronavirus and the steps your business is taking to be socially responsible and keep your customers safe. Use this website as your go-to reference and guide to communication during this uncertain time.

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Customer Connection Templates to Use for Covid-19 Messaging

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Emails to send your customers about steps you are taking with Covid19

5 Keys To Communicating With Your Customers During The Covid-19 Crisis.  

Empathy is key. Consider your customers’ perspective and use language that conveys empathy for their situation at this time. Use the word “you” to center the message around your customer. Include phrases such as “You are our top priority” and “What you need to know.” 

Build trust with language centered around gratitude and safety. Express gratitude for customer patience and understanding, and include messaging that offers a sense of safety. Some examples of this are “Thank you for your understanding” and “We’ll keep you informed.”

Avoid alarm or fear in your communications. When providing updates or information to your customers, seek to reassure rather than build fear through insensitive language. Be careful using negative words such as “don’t” in your messaging.  

Watch for overly positive language. Seek to alleviate concerns while being realistic. Using language that is too idealistic or optimistic can miss the mark and appear obtuse or even alarming. It can also come across as insensitive to the hardships many are facing.

Provide real help and information. Look to give your customers something of substance: information, reassurance, updates, safety procedures, and concern. Avoid overly excitable language, including alarming formatting and graphics/emojis.  

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